Mother's Day Ideas

As a mom, I love to receive personalized items as gifts. Thinking that many other moms are the same, I have a small list of items that you might want for a mom in your life... or yourself. All-in-all, these make great Mother's Day Gifts.

Things Remembered Charm Bracelet:
An 8 inch chain bracelet that can be personalize with engraved charms. I am wearing mine now - it has three charms. One has the day my husband and I got married. Two others have the names and birthdates of my boys. I LOVE this bracelet more than I could have imagined!

Personalized Necklace:
I have a set of dog tags with my boys names on it and birthdates. Casual and I love it! But, the person I got it from is no longer in business. :SAD: So I looked around Etsy and found another GORGEOUS necklace. Rectangular tags that can be personalized with your children's names from magpiedesignz.

Mommy Stars T-Shirt
Pre-shrunk, 100% cotton tees that are feminine, fitted, available in an array of colors and can be personalized with children's (and grandchildren's) names!

Beaded Mom Bracelets:
This is another way of having a bracelet personalized with your children's names. In this instance the designer uses smooth shiny and corrugated beads, creating an elegant beaded Mothers bracelet. This bracelet design is available in one to four strands, one name per strand.

And tell me - What do you want for Mother's Day?