LemonHeadKidz - There is Stuff for Mom!

Okay, I am the blogger with the red hat. Right? I almost always VLOG in it. Really, it's a way to control my hair. Plus, its comfortable. But, it's starting to get warm and I can't wear that hat during summer. What to do...what to do.

Ah, head bands! But what type. Those plastic ones ALWAYS give me headaches. They squeeze just the right pressure point in my temple. And ribbons don't stay put. Until LEMONHEADKIDZ! They have the coolest ribbon head bands, made to fit infants to adults. What's unique about them is they have a "comb" built in that helps straighten your hair as you push it back. PLUS, they have this little slide clip so you can tighten the ribbon bandeez as-needed. Hence one size fitting all. Plus, they have great colors to choose from - solids, patterns, dots and stripes. And there are different widths, as well, from a slim 5/8th inch to a chunky 1.5" width.

But, LemonHeadKidz is more than Bandeez ribbon head bands. They also have Clipeez barrettes, which are great for infants, toddlers, tweens and teens. These non slip clips are 100 percent glueless. And somehow the designer has made it so the little pieces - like flowers, decorations and the ribbon on the clip - won't come off. This process is patent pending. And you can even attach them to your Bandeez for a completely new look!

I have the pink felt flower Clipeez, which is actually going to my niece. But I would like to see anyone try to take my Bandeez away! It's just amazing how many different looks you can get from these to chic accessories!

So, if you are looking for a one-stop shop for accessories for ALL the girls in your life - including yourself, definitely check out LemonHeadKidz. You can see the Bandeez and Clipeez in this short video.

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