Knickernappies Cloth Diapers

I think my favorite cloth diapers currently are pockets, perfect-sized with snaps. I google it all the time, looking for new products ... or simply ones I haven't heard about yet. I mean, there are a lot of WAHMs and companies that make them! It's just finding them that can be hard.

But one cloth diaper that ROCKS and is not hard to find in the cloth-diaper world is KNICKERNAPPIES. Oh.My.Goodness. Yes - they are definitely on the top of my -must-have-must-try list.

Let's go over the basics. It is a pocket diaper. That means there it a pocket that you can stuff with inserts to absorb the urine. When the diaper gets wet and dirty, you take the whole diaper off, remove the insert and toss the diaper and the insert into a diaper pail. Then you use a new cloth diaper to cover that cute baby bum. I love pocket diapers, like Knickernappies, because they are so absorbent. Plus, for people just tip-toeing into the cloth diaper world, it's the easiest transition. They are so similar in shape, putting it on your child is a snap - literally.

Yes, Knickernappies use Snaps. I prefer snaps over Velcro or Aplix, because I don't want the "Velcro" to snag and ruin my other diapers. Sometimes I just forget to close the Velcro before putting it in the washer, and next thing I know it attaches itself to other diapers. Ugh. The thing that's different about Knickernappies Snaps is that the snaps are on the side. I have a Blue Knickernappies next to two other brands in that photo. You see the difference in the snaps. It looks reversed ... but the snaps will lay at the side giving Knickernappies a smooth fit across the tummy and less poofiness! It also helps keep the diaper on, since my kiddo is a master at undoing aplix diapers.

Now, let's talk perfect size. I have to admit, I am a little wary right now of one-size diapers. From my experience, the ones I have tried usually don't fit my kid right. I can easily tell it would have worked when he was in the newborn to 20 pound range. But at 25 pounds, his waist is usually too thick and he literally busts out of them. So I prefer PERFECT SIZE diapers, diapers meant to be worn by a 25 pound toddler. And Knickernappies is a great fit on my solid little man.

Of course, we have yet to experience a leak or any problems. Knickernappies have gentle elastic at both the waist, legs and back, to keep messes in the diaper! And the diaper washes real well! Like I said, you seperate the insert from the pocket first. Cold rinse, wash on hot, then put in the dryer or line dry.

The color selection is fabulous for boys and girls. You can choose from Baby Blue, Blue, Butter, Celery, Green, Lavender, Melon, Periwinkle, Raspberry, Red, Seaspray, Yellow, Turquoise and White. For my boy, I love the Blue, Melon and Red!

NEW 2G Pocket Diapers
Now, I just started using Knickernappies. The one I reviewed was a 2G Pocket Diaper. There was a 1G, which you can find deeply discounted in a few cloth diaper online retailers. I've seen the
m as low as $11! But there have been advancements in the 2G that will probably make you want to spend the extra $4-5 dollars and buy the newest style.

The area between the legs is wider, making them easier to stuff to provide improved leak protection. And the small Knickernappies have a 1" longer rise. Refer to the size chart to see what size your child should wear!


Okay, so you know that Knickernappies is buzzworthy as an easy diaper to use, whether you are used to cloth or disposables. But, let's say you are still teetering on the line - trying to choose between cloth and disposables. Do you know that it's been calculated that parents will change their babies diapers between 5,000 and 7,000 times in the first two yearsd many kids aren't potty trained until even later! Plus, you can reuse these cloth diapers with a second... or third child! Even more savings. But just to be sure, check out the cost of Cloth Diapers. If you use Disposables for 2.5 years, you will spend around $2,577. If you use Knickernappies for that same period, you will save approximately $1,000 (a total of $1,677).


Knickernappies was kind enough to offer THREE BUZZ READERS an opportunity to try Knickernappies. Honestly, this is AWESOME! Winners can choose the size and color they want. In fact, let's get started now.

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Thank you Knickernappies for making this review possible!