Kissaluvs: Fitted Cloth Diapers

I just got off the phone with my best friend a little while ago. We were chatting about how better prepared we were/will be when we had/have our second. I am the mom of two boys and she is currently trying to conceive her second. But it's true. When you are pregnant with your first, you have NO CLUE what you really need or want. But after you have some BTDT (been there, done that) knowledge, it gets a little easier. You have a better idea of what you want, how much you need and how you are going to do it.

So this is where cloth diapers comes in. I researched it a lot when I had my first, but was hesitant. I researched it even more after I had my second. That's when I decided that it was worth jumping into the "cloth diaper" game. I have to tell you, I quickly fell in love with cloth the first time my son had a "fluffy butt".

Now, let's say you are trying to make or you already made the decision to use cloth. You have your reasons. It's economically sound. It's environmentally sound. It's cute and stylish. Some moms believe it helps them potty train quicker. Others believe it lessens diaper rash. I do think it's super comfy and soft on a baby's bottom. So, you have your reasons to choose cloth. But the next question is - which cloth diaper do I choose.

You will hear about a lot of different style, such as prefolds, pocket, all-in-ones and fitteds. Fitted diapers, like the ones from Kissaluvs, are great because their comfortable elastic helps contain "messes" better. That means you can get through the day with fewer covers. Kissaluvs fitted diapers also are great since there is no folding or adjusting. It's snap and go, so dads, babysitters and grandparents will all have an easy time with it.

Kissaluvs Fitted are unique compared to other Fitted Diapers. They ride high in the back - so no surprises there, and they fit lower in the front than other brands. If you want to use them in a size 0, they have a snap-down umbilical cord area, to lessen irritation and allow the belly button to dry off. There are also adjustable wing snaps on the larger diapers, so you can snap consecutively or over three snaps depending on your baby's build.

Why Moms Love Kissaluvs:
  • Beautifully textured fabrics to help contain even the runniest poop
  • Fabric options, including unbleached cotton fleece and organic cotton with hemp, as well as gorgeous Limited Edition diapers of various colors and trims
  • Stretchy elastic and fabrics for a snug fit without binding
  • Elastic at leg and back openings to contain messes and floods
  • Sturdy polyacetal resin snaps... easy access for parents, not so easy for curious toddlers
  • Uniquely spaced adjustable wing snaps ... snap consecutively or over three snaps depending on your baby's build
  • Overlapping wings on the larger sizes to fit even thin babies
  • Unique fit with low-rise front and full coverage in back
  • Simplicity of design, especially popular with dads and babysitters!

Basically, Kissaluvs diapers are known for quality fabrics and a terrific fit. Their diaper fabrics are custom-made in the USA, including the wonderfully soft, absorbent, and durable cotton fleece.

Kissaluvs is a real family-owned and -operated company dedicated to creating and providing excellent natural family products. It started in a dining room with a fitted diaper for baby "Kissa". Now Kissaluvs products are produced by professional seamstresses with top-notch equipment, fabrics and supplies. But the family is still involved, as the whole family -- Tashi,
Randy, the spirited 3 year old Sumair and the bouncy 1 yr old Saheb-- all share in the work and are thrilled to be part of the Kissaluvs team. Because of this care and dedication, Kissaluvs diapers are found on babies' bottoms throughout the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, and other areas far and wide.

Kissaluvs is giving one Buzzed reader a fabulous opportunity to win a fitted cloth diaper and a pack of reusable wipes. This is your chance to increase your stock of cloth, try cloth for the first time and fall in love and/or simply try a new brand of cloth diapers and compare. To win, visit and look at their fitted, contoured and organic diapers. Which is your favorite and why?

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