CONTEST: Immaculate Baking Company - Best Ready-Bake Cookies

Months ago I was at Publix trying to choose a Ready-Bake cookie. There were the usual contenders - Pillsbury, Nestle, Generic and ... the Immaculate Baking Company? Who were they? I read the packaging:
  • No transfat
  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • All Natural
  • Organic Flour and Sugar

I wondered how they would taste. So I bought the 14 ounce package, with 24 chocolate chunk cookies inside - ready-to-bake. They looked darker then I was used to, but they separated easily to place on the baking sheet. They cooked for 10 minutes... and then out of the oven they came. They were crunchy and oh-so delicious!

They are simply the best "ready-to-bake" cookies ever. (Although, nothing beats my homemade cookies for Santa). But honestly, these are now my go-to cookies. The minute after I ate my first cookie, I called my mom and gushed about how delicious they were.

Plus, these cookies are the perfect portion-controlled snack at just 80 calories each. They also make it easy for your kids to help bake cookies. My oldest can separate them and place them on the cookie sheet, although he always wants to steal one pre-baked.

Each package also features cute, colorful folk-art, a cause the company supports and contributes to through the donation of art supplies and coordination of folk art workshops and giant bake sales for creative-minded nonprofits.

There are also plenty of cookie flavors to choose from! My favorite is chocolate chunk, but there is also vanilla sugar, triple chocolate chunk, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, and cranberry oatmeal/white chocolate. My Publix only carries three of those flavors though.

Now, after I learned about Immaculate Baking Co., I kept thinking how I wanted to introduce them to you, the Mom Buzz readers. But they beat me to the punch! They offered to give two readers coupons for free cookies! I mean, they can't mail you the cookies themselves - you need to keep them refridgerated. Trust me - you WANT THESE COUPONS! Best Ready-to-Bake Cookies EVER!

To win your coupon, visit Immaculate Baking and tell me what store you can buy some from!

The winners are:
I can get them at Brookshires and Central Market near me.
hebert024 at aol dot com

I can buy them at Albertsons!

Contest Ended May 9th. Please refer to complete contest rules.

* Cookie image courtesy Superfloss