Bugaloo Kids: Soft Leather Shoes

I have a new, favorite leather shoe for pre and beginner walkers - Bugaloo Kids! The styles are completely awesome - trust me, that's the first thing you will notice. When I was given the opportunity to test out a pair, I just kept staring - hoping I could narrow it down. But, I couldn't. I asked Bugaloo Kids for help in choosing between the Pirate and the Bluebirds - they sent the Pirate pair. Which I was in love with from the moment I opened the package. It was the perfect pair for a little boy!

The Pirate pair is a deep chocolate brown with a baby blue pirate on it wearing a dark blue hat. It has immediate appeal and is available in sizes 0 to 24 months.

Now, I am a mom of two boys and I know other moms with two kids. If you know someone who is about to have a second child - soft leather shoes are a must-have. Honestly, more-so than for the first child! Why? Because the second child will be out of the house more and will also "probably" walk sooner or just as quick. Although, kids do everything at their own pace. But just the fact they will be out more means that you need soft, leather shoes for pre and first walkers. That's because you want to put something on their feet for protection, that doesn't constrict growth. Although, these shoes are wonderful for ALL BABIES - first, second and beyond. It's just I find that the moms I know use these types of shoes more often for their second child!

Why do these shoes rock for pre and first walkers? The soft leather is comfortable. The sole is cotton lined and completely flexible. Plus, the soles are dark to hide stains. They are easy to get on and stay on with the flexible, elastic around the ankle.

Why will mom love them? They are machine washable. Honestly, most leather shoe brands can be washed in the machine, but all brands suggest hand washing first. But it's nice to know they withstand the washing machine. I let them air dry, though. They are a little stiff after drying but soften right up when they are worn again.

The price of the shoes is great - $19.99. So it is affordable to buy a pair for your kiddos and/or give as a gift. I love giving leather shoes as gifts to babies!

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