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Now, it's no secret that there are a few different ways to make a photobook. But what if you wanted MORE than a simple photobook with limited options. Style, fonts, layout, cover appearance - you want to be able to personalize it more. And what if you didn't want to be limited to "just another photobook"? Perhaps you have a great book idea, but don't know how to self publish? Or you want to turn your personal blog into a book (which I always thought was a fabulous idea). Or compile all your fabulous recipes into a recipe book? Well... you can - at

The how-to process is straightforward. You download the Blurb BookSmart software - for free. Then you decide what kind of book you want. Like I said, you can do a photobook, blog book, business books, portfolio - really anything you want. Then you add the contents - text, photos and artwork. Finally - you place an order for your finished product.

First, I tested it out to see if I could create a blog book. When I just had my personal blog, I always thought I wanted to capture those memories in a book later. And wouldn't you know, someone else has the same idea! It was so simple. When you choose the Blog Book option, it will ask what blogging platform you use and then it will walk you through the process to signing in your account and putting all your blog posts in a book for you. It was beyond simple! And it was almost perfect for me. But I then decided to go for a more "photo book" look.

So I started working on another book. I uploaded all my photos from 2008, I looked through my personal blog for my favorite stories which I cut and paste and then I added some poems and songs I had written for the boys. And it was perfect. Just what I wanted to remember last year. And the last page I wrote a short letter to each of them. And in the front I chose an excerpt from The Princess Bride, since I always affectionately refer to my boys as the Brute Squad.

I made a square book - 7 x 7 inches - and filled 40 pages with memories. Once it was done and I was ready to order, I had a choice between a soft cover, hard cover w/dust jacket or hardcover image wrap. I wanted something really professional looking, so I chose the Hard Cover Image Wrap. Placed my order for $24.95 plus shipping... and waited.

I think it took about a week for my book to come. When it finally arrived, I have to say I was worried. After hours of pouring through photos, adding captions and text - would it be worth it. Oh. My. Goodness. Yes. The 7 x 7 Image Wrap Book was the PERFECT choice. I showed my husband and he immediately said we need to do one for 2009 and give them as gifts for family. The cover of my Brute Squad Book was perfect, with one son adorning the front and the other on the back. The spine read Brute Squad, so I can easily find it on a book shelf. When I opened it, the book read that the copyright was mine. And then I just went through the thick, professional pages - awed at the quality.

This has to be the most professional, premium book you can affordably make on your own. I can easily see how people will use this to self-publish, because you can. Whatever you make can be sold in their bookstore for readers to order! My friend has always wanted to publish a book for moms with photography tips and examples. Hello - here is her chance! And her tips ARE fabulous, so I hope she does it.

Maybe you have poems you want to publish? Photos? Short stories? Do it at! It costs YOU nothing. You only pay for the books you buy for yourself!

Plus, once you get your book, you too will see what a fabulous gift they make. And with Mother's Day right around the corner - you better get started!

Five lucky readers can win $29.95 book making codes to order your own book! That's enough to create a gorgeous 7 x 7 book, a B&W book, standard portrait or standard landscape book! Wow! Trust me, this is the only way to self-publish!

So - for your first entry - leave a comment telling me what kind of book you would make? Size? Content? Look around for inspiration.

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