Blog Buzz: Three Different Directions

Meet Tammy, the mom behind Three Different Directions. You've seen her on the Mom Buzz before, when she wrote a guest review on Sustainable Youth. Now let's learn more about the mom behind the blog!

1. What's your blog about?
My blog is about reviews, homeschooling products, things we do while homeschooling and our vacation travels. I originally started it to blog about the contests I was entering. Then I realized it would be a great way to post the things we were doing in our homeschool, to keep family and friends informed. As I visited other blogs, I thought it would be fun to do reviews of products, and got involved in doing that as well.

2. Tell us about your family!
My hubby and I have been married for almost 15 years (we celebrate that milestone this April!). We have one daughter who I call Genius on my blog, because she is (lol), at almost 13 (again in April!), she is doing mostly high school work, and excels strongly in Math and Science classes.

3. Do you own any other blogs?
I don't own any other blogs, but I write weekly at The Homeschool Classroom on Thursdays. If you have an interest in education of any kind for your children, it's a great blog to read. A lot of talented, and dedicated ladies write there, and have awesome ideas for your family!

4. Favorite post from your blog?
I think this must be my favorite post. If you visit my blog you will see that we love to travel. One of our favorite destinations is not actually a piece of land but a ship! The Disney Magic is by far our favorite place to be besides our own home. Here is a post I wrote for a "travelogue" meme, advertising The Disney Magic.

Buzz Note: See her post here: Disney Magic

5. What's one piece advice you'd give the bloggers who read this?
Um...if you can afford to take your family on a vacation, take them on The Disney Magic? Actually, no, I believe that vacations are what you make them, and that is the memories you create while on them. Even if that is a staycation. Your kids are only young once, make sure you take the opportunity to create memories with them all the time. The "stuff" will be forgotten over the years, but those special times you did things with them, will last forever.

6. What's a must-read blog - besides your own!
I love reading The View From My Beach Chair.
I recently came across this blog, and I have so enjoyed the wisdom imparted from this mother of teen girls.

7. Do you twitter? What's your twitter link?
I do twitter! My twitter link is (I must admit I am a real newbie when it comes to this form of social media. I'm still a little lost using it!)

Thanks for buzzing by Tammy! I look forward to reading more of your vacation travels! And I completely agree about creating memories over giving stuff. Great tip!