Blog Buzz: Nothing But Purple

I've been following Jess from Nothing But Purple since October of last year. I've seen her make the move from Blogger to WordPress and remember her Twilight Obsession. So let's learn more about Nothing But Purple.

1. What's your blog about?
My life, my kids, my hubby, products I have and the ones I've tried.
I started blogging when a few other moms started their own blogs.

2. Tell us about your family!

I have a Husband and we've been married almost 3 years. I have two boys, one is mellow and the other is rowdy. We have a beta fish along with two other fish and a dog named Pepper, she is a boxer/pit mix and has been GREAT with the boys.

3. Do you own any other blogs? for the foodies, Love Dare Journey

4. Favorite post from your blog?
They are all my favorites. :) I haven't typed up a whole lot of myself it's hard to choose.

5. What's one piece advice you'd give the bloggers who read this?
NETWORK like a crazy person.

6. What's a must-read blog?

hmmm.... not sure really.. Uncorked, The Innsane, A Daily Dose, An Alaskan Mom... there's a lot of them out there

7. Do you twitter? What's your twitter link?

I have two, tweety24 for Nothing but Purple and mommacooks for Momma Cooks Cooking

So be sure to follow Jess on her fun, Twilight-filled blogging adventure!

Nothing But Purple

Momma Cooks Cooking