Bendaroos for Easter

A little while ago I did a post with wonderful Easter gift ideas - instead of falling back to candy. Well, I just learned about another great gift idea! BENDAROOS!

Hilarious! I've seen them on television before, but they honestly would be a colorful addition to your kid's Easter Baskets. Just get a load of some of these Bendaroo-ish creations and ideas!

First off - what are Bendaroos?
Bendaroos are a creative, imaginative, interactive building toy for your children. I've seen them on television commerials, where children use these flexible building toys with a durable string base and non-stick wax to draw, build, decorate and transform. The colorful strings adhere to most surfaces, they hold their shape, and don’t leave a residue behind. The colorful, reusable Bendaroos can be made into 2-D or 3-D objects – from jewelry to window art and action figures – enabling hours of artistic play!

How your kids can use Bendaroos this spring:
  • Easter-roo – For a unique way to decorate Easter eggs, challenge kids to wrap their favorite Bendaroos colors around hard boiled eggs for a clean, inventive egg decorating alternative.
  • Indoor Activities – Bendaroos provide a solution to those pesky April showers. Children can create their own spring designs or try out the templates (a bouquet of flowers or a butterfly to name a few) at (click the ‘Kids Zone’ link on the top of the page, then click ‘Bendaroos Ideas’).
  • Get Unplugged – April 20th – 26th is ‘Turn off the TV Week.’ Keep kids creative with Bendaroos! Transform old bottles into colorful dolls, create masks with Bendaroos and a paper plate, make furniture for dollhouses, decorate furniture and more—the possibilities are endless as kids’ imaginations!
Do you see some of the images of what you can create!? That Lily and Rabbit! Way cool! I know I want to try my hand at this, too! Totally check out Bendaroos - a great gift idea for any occasion!