Where to Go?

As usual, the Mom Buzz has been BUZZING like crazy to bring you the hottest products. What can you do to keep this buzz going strong? Uhm. Enter all the contests. The more entries, the more sponsors love me. The more sponsors love me, the more reviews and contests I can host.

Here are some of the current contests you can enter!

Storksak Diaper Bag: A $158 value! Gorgeous! Currently 82 entries. Ends March 2nd.

Spreadheads: The must-have summer BBQ Accessory! Currently 52 entries. Ends March 6th.

Flor: A modular 5 x7 area rug! Spicy! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Currently 200+ entries. get your entry in! Ends March 6th!

BabyMel X2 Diaper Bag: The diaper bag for moms of two little ones. It's MADE FOR YOU! Currently 50ish entries. Ends March 7th.

Kid Safe Ink: Ink your cellphone number on your kids when you do your summer travels! Currently 29 entries? Huh? Ends March 7th.

Workout DVD Give-Away: Sponsored by my Coach Jenn! 39 entries? Do you want to look HOT???? Enter! Ends March 7th!

Truvia: Win sweetener, a garden tote and garden gloves! 64 entries. Ends March 7th.

Doodlebug Full Service Photo Designs - from design to print
: 38 entries for CUSTOM CARDS. Ends March 10th.