We Love Colors

It seems as if I am seeing tights everywhere! Especially fashion magazines. The footless tights definitely are the rage, especially for moms and kids that live in warmer climates. You have to let those footsies play in the grass and sand! But where to go to buy them?

Well - WeLoveColors.com! I think their selection is UNBEATABLE, with 4 different kinds of tights, plus fishnets, socks, gloves, minidresses, bodywear and dancewear- and that is just the selection for WOMEN! The selection for children includes pantyhose, tights, socks, gloves, laces and dancewear. And you can even add a splash of color to your man's wardrobe - with tights, shoelaces, gloves and socks for him.

And here is the best part, they have over 45 colors to choose from!

The color selection includes a rainbow of solids, splash colors, metallic and glitter. Why does this rock? Because you can match anything and show your spirit for any reason. Is your hubby going to a football game? Let him show off his team spirit with sport socks that match the team colors. Go, Team, Go!

Or, maybe you want to stand out from the crowd during a sexy night out. Just choose your favorite fishnet stockings in a stand-out color. Plus, the fishnets come in knee high, thigh high, traditional, footless, wide mesh and diamond. Va-va-voom!

When it comes to the selection for little girls, the sky is the limit with how much use you can get out of them and how many you will want to buy. From neon pink to blue-splashed footless and from lavender footless to red striped. Choose tights for the holidays, like Lilac or Orchid Pink for Easter. Maybe Orange for Halloween and Scarlet Red for Christmas. You can also choose a pair of tights that perfectly complement or highlight your little girl's tutu or pettiskirt. And definitely check out the dancewear that is available for them.

Personally, I was looking for tights to fit under my miniskirt for when I go watch my hubby compete in his bodybuilding competition. And I thought it would be fun to wear tights that match his suit! The turquoise tights looked awesome! Now, I just need to find a top to go with it. But honestly, how better to show my support for my husband than matching his posing outfit?!

Oh, and with mother's day right around the corner, it would be awesome to get a matching pair of tights for you and your daughter! Just have fun with it and choose a bright color that your daughter will love!

WeLoveColors JUST launched their selection of plus size nylon/lycra footless tights! WeLoveColors simply has the best selection for every woman and child when it comes to hosiery!

WeLoveColors.com also loves contests! They are letting one buzz reader win a pair of matching mom/daughter tights. But don't worry, this is open to everyone - because you can match your niece, grandaughters, little sisters, and more. But the winner will get one pair of women tights and one pair of girl tights.

How to enter: Check out the colors WeLoveColors.com currently has - what color should they add? Let me know in a comment.

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