VTech: Features Moms Love

Recently, I was having a conversation with my sister over the phone.

It went something like...

Her VoiceMail: "Please leave a message after the beep"

Me: "Hey, it's me"

Her: "Hey, I was screening. My caller ID doesn't work since I dropped the phone in the sink."

Me: "Oh..." - then my phone died.

The funny thing is, I have similar conversations with other friends too. All moms of young kids. All of our phones are dying! I have a few theories. One, we are so busy multi-tasking that our phones sometimes get abused as we wash dishes while holding the handset, or we hand a handset to a toddler to distract them as we change a diaper on their sibling or we are so busy chasing little ones that many of our conversations end with, "OhIGottaGo" while there is crying in the background and we just drop the phone...wherever. Certainly not in the charger base. Then the phone dies and you have no idea where it is, hoping to find it next month.

So, what phone will fit in our busy lifestyle. Well, I was officially on the search. One company I know and trust is VTech. My friend Susan was in need of a phone and she chose VTech. And the next day I got one, too! Mine was the VTech CS6129-31, which comes with three handsets. How could I resist - it was more than a phone. It was featured as a home communication system. Because you can use each handset as an Intercom too! Perfect for communicating with lazy husbands in big houses.

Now, I spend a lot of time in the backyard watching the boys play. And the VTech CS6129-31 lets me talk back there as I make sure they stay out of trouble. The range is AMAZING.

Let's talk price. The phone cost $79.95. That might seem pricey at first. But that is for THREE handsets. So you are setting your whole house to communicate for effectively. It comes out to around $25 a handset. And with that, you are getting a whole bunch of mom-sought features.

Digital Answering System
Caller ID
Speakerphone - on each handset.
Three Handset System - 3 handsets and only one phone jack needed
Energy Star Qualified
For a complete list of features,visit its page at VTech.

I already told you it had an Intercom. When I first found out, I thought "COOL!" Then I thought, "Oi! Only my husband would be able to figure this out!" But I was wrong. It is so super easy. Each Handset has a number. So let's say I am on Handset 1 in the bedroom and my little one is asleep next to me. But, I want to talk to my husband in the living room. That is where Handset 2 is. So I push the little "INT" button on the bottom right on my Handset. Then it asks me which Handset I want to talk to. I push the number 2. The other Handset starts ringing and he picks up!

This Intercom feature would also be wonderful if someone is sick or elderly. Think of all the moms who are on bedrest during their months of pregnancy! This phone would be so handy!

Each phone also has a built in SpeakerPhone. It is not available only at the base. So you can carry the phone to the baby's room and put it on speaker as you change a dirty diaper. Or sometimes I like my kids to talk on the phone with their relatives. I used to not know what conversation they were having, as my kids would just stand their mute. I wanted to give them cues, so I put it on speakerphone and I can help them think of answers. And like my sister who dropped her handset in the sink. If it is on SpeakerPhone, she wouldn't have been holding it over the sink.

I love that you can also program oft-used phone numbers in it. I mean, I have a few house and cell phones memorized. (Mom, Sister, Husband) But calling my BFF (Best Friend), BBF (Bloggy Best Friend), my mind goes blank. And what about the salon that I get my brows waxed or the pediatrician's office. It would be so much easier to have that programmed in the phone, rather than search for the number in my wallet. And the VTech can store 50 names and numbers!

I mentioned before that I am not the most tech-savvy person. Some moms are. I think most just don't have time to figure every gadget out. Thankfully, this hi-tech phone is easy to use. It comes with directions, which I read. But they were so easy to follow, I didn't get lost as it walked me through programming the clock, setting the date, programming numbers or using the Intercom feature. So, it's perfect for the busy mom who just wants to plug in a phone and get a whole bunch of wonderful features. Oh, and since you should let the batteries charge for 16 hours once you get it - that's the perfect time to read those instructions.

I had a VTech phone when I first moved out on my own. It was a single handset and lime green. I LOVED it. I am so glad that I was able to return to a brand I love - this time with all the features I need as a mom.

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