Virtue Tee

We have so many concerns as parents. Health, Food, Friends - are we doing what's right for our children. I guess sometimes it's the little things that matter. That's where Toddler Virtue Tees come in. There are five tees to choose from, Courage, Tolerance, Gratitude, Kindness, Patience. What virtue do you want to instill in your child - and is it as easy as putting on a t-shirt?

Well, it doesn't hurt to try, I say! I selected the Courage Tee for my little one, so he can be brave even when he is afraid to do so. I always felt that I could have done better myself in that arena, and I don't want my sons to fear speaking up or being brave.

The concept is simple. When your child wears these shirts, you emphasize the virtue. You read it, define it, tell a story, repeat and pass it on!

Not only do these tees serve as a lesson. But I love their simplicity and colors. And they are SO SOFT. You can be assured that your children will be so comfortable in them! I mean, I would love one of these t-shirts for myself. SO SOFT! There is an adult size in "gratitude". And there is a long-sleeve version of "patience" for little ones.

Now, do you think my little one has enough courage?

What virtue do you want to instill in your child!?