Sustainable Youth – An Organic Choice for Your Skin

Reviewed by Tammy

Youth in a bottle, is it possible?

Since my 35th birthday just came and went, when I was given the opportunity to find out, I willingly gave it a go!

Sustainable Youth Immune Performance with Alasta uses organic, natural and green practices and ingredients in their products. I was able to try their Revitalizing Serum as well as their Elasticity Cream. Both products are clinically proven to help improve skin elasticity and firmness in only 8 weeks of use. So read further if you want to see how it worked on this middle aged gal.

I used the serum and the cream, both morning and evening most days. (In all honesty, there were a couple of nights I skipped the facial routine and went straight to bed). After the first week, I did notice that my skin was significantly smoother. My skin looks much improved, some blotchiness that I had previously on my cheeks is gone, and my skin tone is more even now and looks healthier.

A little goes a long way with these products. I only need three small pumps of the bottle to cover my face completely. The serum absorbs quickly. The cream, I needed to work in a bit more. The scent on the serum was a little overpowering to me – it smells somewhat like an herbal garden, which is probably good considering the ingredients are organic, natural and green. The cream’s scent had far less of a fragrance, and once it was on my face I couldn’t even smell it enough to explain a scent.

Each 1 fl.oz. bottle costs $80.00. I can't sneak it in my budget right now. I will say that the bottles still seem quite full, even after using it for two weeks. Hopefully one could stretch quite a bit of beauty regimen out of them.

So even though I can’t claim that my skin’s elasticity or firmness has improved (and keep in mind I’ve only been using it for two weeks), I have noticed an improvement in color tone, texture and healthiness. I do recommend it, if cost is not an issue and you are looking for a facial product that will revitalize your skin and improve its health.