Spunky Monkey: Keeping Mom Organized & More

Recently I won a Diaper & Wipes Case and matching Paci Pocket from Spunky Monkey. (Thank you BookieBoo for hosting a wonderful contest!)

Now, don't get me started on diaper clutches. They are a must-have accessory. It was surprising that it took Babies "R" Us so long to get on board with the idea. They do dedicate a small amount of space to Diaper Clutches now. But there are definitely more options and styles online! And you can get some of the coolest from Spunky Monkey.

I won the Hot Guitar Picks style, which is so ultra cool! Totally my style. (After all, my boys DO wear Baby Rock Apparel!) But they also have mod dots and patterns, florals, animals, bling, personalized and more! So, something for everyone.

Now, this is why the Diaper & Wipe Case is an ESSENTIAL. Don't you get tired of diapers getting scrunched and dirty on the bottom? Or when you are changing a diaper in public, you don't want to do an in-depth search of your diaper bag to find a diaper and then the wipes. You want to grab, wipe, change and go!

A Diaper & Wipe Case keeps your diaper changing essentials organized and within reach! Plus, its great for quick errands with your little one - when you don't want to drag a huge diaper bag somewhere. It's compact enough to tuck in many purses! The one I received was a durable cotton fabric with velcro closure. It was sturdy and well-made. It is wonderful for a gift - or for ME!

Now, what was really unique with the set I received was the Paci Pocket! It came inside a clear gift box with the pocket and pacifier. You can keep a paci clean and close simply by slipping it into it's Paci Pocket, then hanging it from a bag, stroller handle or cart. Similar to the Diaper & Wipe Case, the Paci Pocket prevents pacis from going to bottom of diaper bag and getting lost while keeping it within hands reach. Plus, it's reversible! Just turn Paci Pockets inside out for a different look!

But Spunky Monkey is more than Diaper & Wipe Cases and Paci Pockets! They sell items from Gucci, Burberry and items made by other moms. In fact, when adding items to Spunky Monkey, Stacy always looks for mom-made items. But, to make sure she doesn't limit your shopping enjoyment, she also offers mom-picked and mom-loved items too. Like Baby Einstein!
There is baby gear, accessories, clothing... and the list goes on and on! There are great gift ideas for Baby Showers and Little Ones!


Stacy started The Spunky Monkey in January 2008 as a children's clothing store and grew quickly enchanted with the juvenile products industry and expanded to accessories, gifts and gear made by moms. After evaluating the target audience, being moms, she added the Fun For Moms category and found a dropshipper of authentic designer handbags at reasonable prices to add. To further her knowledge of the industry, she has attended the industries largest trade show, ABC Kids Expo in Vegas last September, and met with potential and current vendors face-to-face! In January, Spunky Monkey uploaded their first bedding and decor and has been working diligently to streamline their order processing and customer service to better meet your needs.

I've been talking to Spunky Monkey owner, Stacy, and she wanted to give one buzz reader the opportunity to win a "High Maintenance" Paci Gift Set and Diaper & Wipes case! Now you can be organized too!

To enter, visit Spunky Monkey and tell me your favorite item at her shop!

To receive these extra opportunities for entries, you must fulfill the first REQUIRED entry. But for extra entries, you can do the following - leave a comment for each:
Contest ends March 31st. Please refer to complete contest rules.