Socket-Lockits: Superior Outlet Covers

FINALLY! I discovered an outlet cover that DOES NOT COME OUT OF THE WALL! My 14th month old has GIVEN UP trying to take the new Socket-Lockits out. He removed the traditional ones in seconds. I tried a different kind - he ignored them for a few days. Then he started POPPING them out and trying to put them back in. Sigh. But then my Socket-Lockits came in the mail and put an end to this dangerous game of his.

You should have seen the little monster tug at them. But nope, they stayed right in. Do you know what this means?

1. My electrical outlets are COVERED. He can not stick fingers or other objects in there.

2. If they don't come out, he can't put it in his mouth. Because outlet covers are choking hazards when not in the wall. But since Socket-Lockits stay put, he can't chew, teeth or gnaw on them.

Now my kids are not the only ones this talented. I learned from Socket-Lockits that nearly 100% of children between the ages of 2 and 4 can remove traditional outlet covers. And that around 7 children a day receive ER treatment for injuries caused by inserting objects into electrical outlets.

What makes Socket-Lockit's different? Why don't they come out of the wall?
Well, they have these unique barbs (like a cat's tongue!). You squeeze down on a tab to pop them in, but when you try to take them out the barbs catch and lock in place. You have to push a pressure release tab to take the Socket-Lockits out of the wall. Something neither my 14 month old or toddler can do.

Plus, they are SO CUTE and STYLISH! The selection is sure to match any decor.
I have truck Socket-Lockits. But the collections are AWESOME. Go girly with Pretty in Pink. Want some Zoom-Zoom for your toddler's room? Check out the Car Collection. And I love the animal prints they have! Sassy and chic! And all of these designs are printed with non-toxic ink!

I have a video so you can see up close those barbs. Plus, you can see how an adult can remove and install the Socket-Lockits.

I plan on leaving a brochure with my pediatrician, too! That's another place where my kids pluck out the electrical socket covers. At first I thought she wouldn't go for it, since hers are customized. But then I learned that Socket-Lockits can do customized (safer) outlet covers!

Without a doubt, these are my FAVORITE electrical socket covers. They are the stylish and smart way to reduce and prevent electrical and choking hazards.

These make a great baby shower gift for a friend. Or just surprise your daughter or daughter-in-law and pop these babies in next time you visit.

Socket-Lockits is letting one buzz reader win a pack of Socket-Lockits (two to a pack). You will be able to choose between a girl, boy or gender neutral (farm collection) option. Honestly, once you see how awesome these are, you will never buy a traditional outlet cover again.

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