Share the Power of Fitness

Greetings all. I'm happy to be guest posting for another installment of the Health Buzz.

Are you still working to achieve goals that you set for the new year? If you have fallen off the wagon, I recommend that you reach out for support today! I am here to help you get the results you want. Remember that Summer is coming. Now is the PERFECT time to start a program that will get into shape for swimsuit season.

Working out is a privilege. It is the most unique gift we can give ourselves and the older we get, the more it gives back to us in terms of quality of life and how we handle life's challenges. Did you know that incorporating a workout program can add three years to your life? That is another 1,095 sunsets to share with someone you love.

Our health in terms of nutrition and exercise affects our quality of life! If you have your health and well being you will much better be able to handle the unexpected! And, recover faster! And, age gracefully!

With the obesity crisis our country is facing we need to get the message out there to our young people, our diabetics and our middle and older adults everyday. Take the opportunity to set an example for someone EVERYDAY.

Life will always have some kind of a challenge, but the more you love and nurture your body, the more you will get back from it while you are here on Earth. The more lives we will impact BEYOND our very own!

Make someone's life enriched today by sharing the power of health and fitness! Make your health a priority! BE selfish---you have one body and one life to live.

If you have had success, please share in comments here so we can all get inspired!! I've included my own transformation photos in this article for that purpose as well. I want all

Make Healthy choices today!

- Coach Jenn of Personal Fitness Coach
My Goal is to Help YOU Reach YOURS!
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