Scrubbing Bubbles Lets Me Blog

Cleaning the bathroom. Ugh. Who loves to do it? Show of hands? Anyone, anyone?

So I have to admit, those little scrubbing bubbles (from SC Johnson), they always look MIGHTY happy scrubbing away at scum and grime in the bathroom. How well does it work?

Well, as a BzzAgent I had the opportunity to try out the most uber-cool Scrubbing Bubbles product available! The Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner. Whoa...

First, I have to say REALLY read the directions. It comes with the dispenser, the plastic soap refill and a hangar. And batteries. It comes with batteries so you can use this cool cleaner IMMEDIATELY. I got the hangar on easily and looped it over my showerhead. But I missed the big label that told me HOW to put the refill in the dispenser. If it doesn't go in easily, you probably are doing it backwards. Once I did it correctly, with the label facing AWAY from me, it popped right in.

To use is simple. After the last shower of the day, you push this little blue button on the dispenser. *beep* *beep* *beep* - It does that for around 12 seconds. Then it lets out a stream of cleaner in a 360 circle.

You can see it in action here: Watch It Clean

If you start using this baby with a clean shower, it maintains it for you! If you start with a shower that needs some help, it can take 14 days for the bubbles to work their magic. You have to push that button EVERY DAY though!

Okay, so I've used this little contraption about a week now. My shower is not quite sparkling...yet. But it is looking better than it did without it! No new residue and no new mildew. But I think my hard water is giving the bubbles a hard time. And my shower is all contoured and the spray doesn't hit the highest part. So some manual labor is still necessary. But it has cut my cleaning time by 1/2! And I would LOVE to get another one for my other shower. So, I am happy with the Automatic Shower Cleaner. The best part is the oh-so-clean-and-fresh smell after it sprays 360 degrees!

The bottle looks about 1/3 empty after a week. So I will need to buy a refill in 2 weeks. That only costs $3.99, though.

And before I forget, I have to tell you my kit came with a Toilet Cleaning Gel from Scrubbing Bubbles that freshens and cleans with each flush. I don't know if all kits come with this cool bonus, but I am LOVING it. You STAMP this gel under the rim of your toilet and it helps keep your toilet clean. It is working WONDERFULLY! I love it. And once again, it's a great scent! I have it stamped in both toilets and I would easily buy it again! Each gel disc cleans for 7 days. I was wary, thinking it would disolve with the first flush. But nope, it is hanging on there and doing its job!

Feel free to ask any questions about the Automatic Shower Cleaner or Toilet Cleaning Gel. Anything that cuts down my cleaning time means more blogging time! :woot: :woot: Completely Buzzworthy!