Quick, Easy, Non Invasive Thermometer

If you are long-time reader of the Mom Buzz, you probably know I am a big fan of the Exergen Temporal Scanner Infrared Thermometer. This was something I registered for when I was pregnant with my second son. No one bought it for me, I guess they thought it was boring? But luckily, I ended up with two mattresses, so I bought the Exergen Temporal Scanner Infrared Thermometer myself. Best. Idea. Ever.

So when the Family Review Network offered me the opportunity to review the Exergen on my site, I jumped at it! Because it gives me the opportunity to talk to you about how the thermometer has worked for me over the past 1.5 years.

I don't know how your pediatrician takes temperatures at their office, but mine uses a temporal scanner. I loved how easy and quick it was. And if they use it, it's gotta be good! (I love and trust my pediatrician.)

Now, yes, there are other options out there for taking temperatures. And I can tell you why I don't like many of them. Pacifier Thermometers are not accurate when they just drank something cool or are breathing through their mouth. And when they are congested, they usually don't want a paci. Plus, how long would I be able to use a paci thermometer.

Don't even get me started on anal readings. I won't do it. And underarm readings are just hard to do with a wiggly kid.

The Exergen is a simple swipe on the forehead. Done in seconds. I find it super easy to use. When you swipe the Exergen across their foreheads, it scans the temperature approximately 1000 times per second! It's capturing the heat emitted from the arterial blood supply and the temperature of the forehead and accurately determines your child's temperature.

The Exergen is my best friend when my oldest spikes fevers to 104 and I just want to give a reading to the pediatrician ASAP. Plus, I can also get his temperature when he is sleeping - he never knows that I am checking up on him again. And those times when your kids feel "warm", but you aren't sure if they are feverish - well it's a lot easier to just grab the Exergen and double check than any other thermometer in the house.

And I have to tell you, my pediatrician approves of my use of theTemporal Scanner.

Exergen gives a range of temperatures that would be considered normal for the different common areas to take a temperature.

The normal range for arterial is 97.4 - 100.1 degrees Fahrenheit. Orally, the normal range is 96.6 to 99.5. Rectal is 97. - 100.3. It also provides temperature ranges for oronasal, axillary and esophageal.

1. When your child has a fever, the temporal artery is the first to indicate it through heat.

2. It is less invasive then rectal.

3. Your child doesn't need to be as cooperative, as they do with the oral. My son simply wouldn't put the pacifier thermometer in his mouth. He didn't object to the quick scan.

4. Accurate and quick!

5. Trusted by my pediatrician.

6. It comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

I paid around $50 for my first Exergen thermometer and it was worth it. I can use it with everyone in the family - from the littlest one to Big Daddy. Plus, I am thrilled to have an accurate way to tell my toddler and baby's temperature without being invasive. If you are registering for a shower or have a gift card to use, definitely consider this thermometer! It will save you time and give you accuracy when you need it the most.