Personalized Books with FreckleBox

For Christmas, my oldest received the cutest book from his cousins - completely personalized. I loved it so much, I decided to do some research and discover more companies that provide this wonderful service. That's when I found FreckleBox!

I ordered a book for my littlest one, personalized with his name. It couldn't have been an easier process! There were seven books to choose from, so I selected the "...Goes to the Zoo" book. It was available in both hard and soft cover. Now, I will say I plan on making this book LAST, so I chose Hardcover. Paper cover books get torn so easily, by accident, in this house. Because repeated reading wears them out. The hardcover books are faring much better.

Now, once you choose a book, click on Order Now. Type in your child's name, your dedication, and who the book is from. You "update" to see what the first few pages will look like with your child's name. And then you add it to your cart! It's THAT SIMPLE!

It seemed like the book arrived in no time at all. Less than a week, which is saying a lot since it was personalized. When it came to my door I was amazed at how professional it was. I cannot believe this book is not mass produced! But nope, each book is individually printed when ordered! It has to be since each page is personalized. It is gorgeous and adding my son's name was SEAMLESS throughout the story. And that's HUGE, because ...Goes to the Zoo is a gorgeous picture book that leads my children through a trip to the zoo. There are pictures of lions, tigers, polar bears, penguins and more. And in each picture my son's name is HIDDEN in the picture and we have to find it. It's challenging for my 1 & 2 year old, but they LOVE the pictures. And having it personalized will help them love reading even more!

I have to say, I think you can get all your birthday and holiday shopping done in a sweep at Because not only do personalized books make a wonderful gift (and there are 7 to choose from), but you can also personalize coloring books, puzzles, posters, journals, placemats, growth charts and PARTY FAVORS!

You HAVE to visit and see what you can order for your child. What catches your eye?

Frecklebox is offering one buzz reader the opportunity to win a personalized item from their web site! Eek! Exciting! Don't miss out on this opportunity to create a special book, puzzle or other item for your child!

To enter, FIRST visit FreckleBox and tell me what item you want for a special child in your life!

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Contest Ends April 5th. Please refer to contest rules.