Perfect Beginner ShooShoos! Contest

The first pair of leather shoes my little monster owned were ShooShoos. My oldest simple went barefoot and/or socked until we bought him sneakers at 14 months (when he started to walk). But my little one, since he was always on the go - we needed flexible shoes that allowed his feet to grow healthy. And ShooShoos were the perfect baby shoes. We owned the Navy Pirate shoes. Even my husband loved them - until we lost one at a theme park. Never to be seen again. Sad!

But ShooShoos had everything we could possibly want in a first pair of soft sole baby shoes. They were easy to slip on because of the elasticized ankle, they had non-slip soles for toddling, no laces, non-toxic dyes and made of 100% Nappa Leather.

So, I am happy to announce that ShooShoos has a great spring line right now! Especially endearing are the little girl shoes that have Bonnaz (aka French Cornerly) embroidery. This is a process of stitching long narrow tiny pieces of fabric onto fabric in an intricate design. These are great soft soled baby shoes and toddler shoes for Easter!

I received the Pink ShooShoos with the Pink Flower applied using Bonnaz. I really love the white shoe with the Pink Flower, but I thought the white was going to get dirty too fast. Although, from my experience with the Navy Pirate shoes, I know that they are easy to clean. Simply wash gently in cold water with a mild detergent. Shape and allow to dry out of direct sunlight. I did this a lot with my monster's shoes, and they held up GREAT.

Back to the Pink ShooShoos, though. The embroidery is just so GORGEOUS. The detailing is WONDERFUL. And the stitching is FLAWLESS. If you have a baby or toddler girl, her feet would be so comfortable in these. And they are easy to slip on and stay in place. All I can say is keep an eye on them when you are at a theme park and your toddler starts practicing taking his or her own shoes on and off.


ShooShoos are recommended by Pediatricians and made in Cape Town, South Africa. But to purchase your own pair of soft soled beginner shoes, simply visit!

You can also win your choice of ShooShoos.
FIRST ENTRY: Simply check out the styles and comment on your favorite baby and toddler shoes!


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