My (Son's) Natural Toy

With all the toy recalls last year, don't you worry about what is safe for your child. Especially plush toys. Your child not only snuggles on them, but little ones often put them in their mouth too. Trust me, I just saw my 14 month old go by with a Build-a-Bear Rudolph in his mouth. And my oldest... before he could walk he would carry things in his mouth as he crawled. Just like a puppy dog. So trust me, you want your toys as safe and natural as possible.

That's why I am so glad to have found My Natural toys. This is my little monster's newest toy - a long-legged Rabbit from My Natural Toy. They offer a new line of all-natural soft plush characters, "as gentle on the environment as they are to the touch". When my husband saw it, it reminded him of a classic rabbit. Like from the Velveteen Rabbit story. These plush toys are available from Target - I saw them there over the weekend! What really makes these characters unique is that they are 100% non-toxic and use natural coloring. The rabbit is a light raspberry color with a cute belly button and sewn on eyes and nose.

This little bunny and his friends would make a great gift for a baby shower or little one. It is sure to become a favorite lovey, as my own baby has cuddled and hugged his the minute it was untied from its box.

My Natural is a Hosung NY company. Hosung NY also manufactures miYim simply organic toys. That's where my oldest got his organic Baby Ben, which is from miYim's Fairytale Collection. Baby Ben is ADORABLE, dressed in little hemp overalls and made from certified organic cotton. My oldest was in love with him the minute he laid his eyes on him. So ... of course I gave him Baby Ben. Baby Ben is an exclusive item, and was just made available this Spring. From what I heard, he is only found at specialty stores.

Just like the My Natural Toy Rabbit, Baby Ben is colored with all natural plants and minerals. Unlike the Rabbit, Baby Ben comes in a recycled cardboard gift box that can be reused for just about anything. The miYim line not only has plush toys, but knit toys, gift sets, stackers, stroller toys, rattles and blankies too!

Overall, both the Rabbit from My Natural Toys and the miYim Baby Ben are a hit in my household. As we slowly turn away from chemicals and more towards organic and natural, I realize it is just one small step after another to creating a healthy household. And we can start making these decisions for our children when they are young, with smart, eco-friendly, organic, safe toys.

My only regret is not saving these adorable toys for their Easter Baskets!