My Nephew is the proud owner of...

Mr. Happy. I bought Mr. Happy today. He is a collectible from CurlyQ Cuties. Curly Q Cuties is an online monster-maker web site, where you and your children can create their very own, not-so-scary monster to keep them safe at night!

I am planning on giving him Mr. Happy on his birthday along with a copy of Birthday Monsters by Sandra Boynton.

Just so you know, my little one's first birthday was Monster themed. LOL! Monsters, CurlyQ Cuties in particular, are just so appropriate for our little monsters!

Now, the reason I am telling y'all this is because I was wondering what gifts do we buy for the children we know? We hear about so many unique, fabulous products. But what do we REALLY buy and give. So here you go. Mr. Happy and a book for his first birthday.

Now, I cheated and just bought Mr. Happy from the collectible section. But what monster would you make???? I would love to hear and see!