MallyBibs: My Favorite Bib

My sushi bib from MallyBibs is by far my favorite bib. That is saying a lot, because I usually HATE cloth bibs. The minute something drops on them, it gets saturated into the material and stains. Within months you have ugly, stained bibs. Then there are the plastic ones. Made in China, often. And I always have to keep an ear out for them being recalled.

MallyBibs is different. They are made in Canada from leather. They are sleek and stylish. The magnetic clasp is easy to use. If something drips onto the leather, grab a cloth and EASILY wipe it off. NO STAINS! And to store your bib for its next use, simply attach it to your refrigerator side with its magnetic clasp.

There are two sides to the MallyBib. One side has the cute design. Or you can flip it over to use the food-catch pocket.

Plus, the magnets are adjustable. You can slide them within their little pocket to make the neck opening wider.

And the styles are endless. It was so hard choosing a favorite. I went for the red MallyBib with the sushi design. Chopsticks and a roll! YUM! But I also loved the the pirate skull and the blue bib with the guitar. For a girl, I like the heart and crossbones and pink bib with the guitar. I always tell you, the Mom Buzz rocks! But if you check out you will see that the styles are ENDLESS. Some have edge, some are sweet, some are mod. Gender neutral and gender specific. Something for every baby!

Plus, since they have so many cool styles, it is okay to use them with older children. It won't look "funny" if your 4 year old uses a bib to eat a giant sucker at Disney, because it is simply stylish. It's WAY more stylish than those bibs people would wear to chow down on lobster!

Caring for your leather MallyBib is easy. Simply wipe it down after each use. Mild detergent is okay. Don't machine wash. And don't put near electrical equipment, since it does have a magnet in its clasp!
Reversible. Durable. Easy-to-Clean. Adjustable. Stylish.

It makes a wonderful baby shower gift. Or if you are just tired of dirty, cloth bibs like I am - visit and choose a new leather bib that knows how to keep itself and your child clean.

MallyBibs is offering one Buzz reader an opportunity to win the MallyBib of their choice.

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