Health Buzz & Contest: Probiotics and Yo-Plus

I am really picky about my yogurts. I find some too tangy for my taste buds. But I do like creamy ones! And Yoplait makes some of my favorites! Even some with Probiotics!

You've probably been reading and hearing more and more about probiotics. Probiotics are good bacteria that live in your intestinal tract. But we are such a germaphobic society that all of our disinfectants and antibiotics are actually causing us to have less of these bacteria in our system! And they also lessen naturally as we age. So you might think there is a correlation with some of the illnesses that are becoming more common, like intestinal conditions, food-borne allergies and autoimmue diseases, and the decrease of probiotics in our system. (Just Google it! You'll find research!)

So, Yoplait makes Yo-Plus Digestive which has probiotics, vitamins A & D and fiber. It comes in my favorite flavor, Vanilla, as well as Strawberry, Cherry, Peach, Blackberry Pomegrante, Cranberry Rasberry, and most recently - BLUEBERRY!

The Blueberry is creamy and scrumptious. It tastes like a decadent dessert, but it has just 110 calories in a 4 ounce serving. I eat mine with breakfast and my little one SLURPED his down within seconds. He LOVED IT! And it's good for him, too! We all benefit from the probiotics! The ones in yogurt help convert sugar and carbs into lactic acid, lowering your intestinal pH, enhancing mineral absorption and restoring balance in your intestines.


Would you like to try Yo-Plus, maybe even their new blueberry flavor? Then get $1.50 off a 4-pack of yogurt HERE: Download Yo-Plus Coupon.

Would you like to WIN a coupon for a FREE Yo-Plus, as well as an AWESOME, HUGE Cooler Tote and Plastic Thermos that holds over 30 ounces of liquid and small journal? Then just follow these directions! I will randomly choose THREE WINNERS!

REQUIRED, FIRST ENTRY: Visit Yoplait, look at the Yo-Plus Flavors and tell me which one you want to try!

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Contest Ends March 17, 2009. Please refer to complete contest rules.