Fuzion Electron - CONTEST

The other day I was talking to my nephew on the phone. I love conversations with him. This is what he told me.

"Titi, I need a cool scooter. I already have a scooter. But I need a cool one."

So the Mom Buzz was on a mission! A cool scooter that any/every boy would want ride. I loved the idea of him being active. Plus, I wanted something that would grow with him. That was when I discovered the Electron Fuzion by Nextsport.

When I first saw it, I knew it would be a hit, with its cool green color and sleek design. It features a 360 rotation, so he can maneuver easily. Plus, it has an innovative folding mechanism and ultra-light, compact design so we can take the Electron anywhere with ease! The park, grandma's house, vacation and more!

Get a load of some of the tricks possible on a Fuzion Scooter, thanks to the 360 design.

You can also see more webisodes at their website, Fuzion Scooter. There is cranked, clicked and flipped.

Assembly was a cinch! I did it myself, although I did ask my 250 pound, body building husband to make sure everything was tight enough. Hey, safety first!

The 360 rotation wasn't tricky for my nephew at all. He is able to scoot around easily. Remember, even though trick riding is fun - I wouldn't expect my nephew to do it quite yet. Trick Riders, like what you see on the webisodes, can take years of practice. But I can count on the Fuzion Electron to grow with him, so as he gets more comfortable and agile and builds more skills he can try wicked tricks and stunts.

Here you can see how easy it is to fold and unfold - unless you have two toddlers "helping".

It doesn't just come in green. It also is available in blue, silver or red. Plus, there are other Fuzion Scooters available too - different series and models.

As you can tell, the The Fuzion Electron is perfect for anyone and everyone! Even my little toddler is keeping an eye on it - but he's too young. The Fuzion Electron is recommended for ages 7 and up. The maximum weight limit is 130. (So even Titi can go for a ride!) And keep in mind, that you will want your child to take all safety precautions when riding the Fuzion Electron. That means helmet, kneepads, elbow pads, long sleeve shirts, gloves, long pants, sneakers.

Founded in 2004, Nextsport designs, develops and manufacturers a whole array of innovative action sports products. You can find the Fuzion Scooter for only $59.99 at a wide range of sporting good, specialty and mass retailers including Toys R Us, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Target stores, Walmart, Sports Authority and Amazon.com. www.fuzionscooter.com

Nextsport is offering one buzz reader a chance to win the Fuzion Electron for an active child! Just imagine your little one cruising the neighborhood this summer on this way-cool ride!
For a chance to win, visit FuzionScooter.com and tell me what other Fuzion Scooter you like and why.

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Contest Ends April 7th. Please refer to complete contest rules.