Friend Award

I received the Friend Award tonight!


It came from Peanut Butter and Smelly's Dad blog - aka Big Daddy Rob. It's the newest blog that I read. His stories are sweet, he is obviously a great dad, he is hubby to Melinda at Look What Mom Found and you get to read great stories about their kids. So definitely worth a read!

Thank you for the award! You rock!

Am I supposed to pass it on? LOL! I sent out blog popz like a mad woman and some people still need to get those up. Uh-hum - Susan.

I tell you what - here is a blog popz for you Rob! This one comes from Cool Baby Kid - if you just want to grab the code from there.

 Blog Popz Blogger Recognition, find out who has the most popular blog, cute blog, your favorite blog and who are great blog friends

Put it up on your blog and don't forget to register it!