Eenamaria Bags: I Mean Bizzniss

Can you ever have enough bags? I love them - from small hand bags to HUGE totes, they all have a purpose. And I just got a new one, thanks to Eenamaria.

Eenamaria bags are fresh, edgy, modern and the creation of designer Sarah Morgan. Sarah will appeared on QVC with her gorgeous bags during the Spring and was involved in London's Fashion Week. She has also been nominated twice for the Fashion Group International's 'Rising Star Award'. So, you know she must be fashion-forward and savvy!

Choosing a bag from Eenamaria is fun! Currently there are four bags in different colors and styles. From the tiny patent vinyl "It's For My Pencils" bag to the MASSIVE "I Mean Bizzniss Travel Tote". In the middle, regarding size, is the date bag "Take a Walk on the Wild Side". Plus, she even has a stylish diaper bag - "Working Weekend Baby Tote". Since I take lots of family trips, I decided the I Mean Bizznizz Travel Tote" was the one for me.

Just when I thought the hard part was over, I needed to choose a color. Did I want White, Green, Black? White, Red, Black? White, Yellow, Black? Black and White? Or Blue, White, Black. Decisions, Decisions. I decided on the White, Green, Black. Although, I wish I chose the Blue, White, Black in hindsight. It's hard choosing a color. There will always be bag remorse.

When it arrived I was in SHOCK. It is the PERFECT travel tote. Oh. My. Goodness. Roomy with pockets galore. It measures 19.5" x 17" x 7". Big enough to smuggle a mastiff. Well, maybe not a mastiff - but a very large pug would fit in it! That means there is no excuse for leaving anything behind. And it has a zippered compartment and fun pockets to stick all sort of travel necessities in. The inside looks like it would be easy to wipe clean if something spills - like shaving cream or lotion. And the outside is made of Patent Vinyl. Once again, easy to clean. And unlike other bags, water would roll right off this baby. So your items inside are nice and safe once you zipper it shut.

The bag does have double handles with a 4 inch drop length, so you can carry by hand. And it has a shoulder strap too. I would like for the shoulder strap to be adjustable, it's not. So just keep in mind the shoulder strap is 12 inches.

I love the bright colors and bold design. Husband's opinion is that it is 60's Mod. So retro!

Overall, I love it. It's a perfect travel tote. And if the diaper bag is anything like the travel tote - it would be a must-have, as well. Check out the selection at and

Thank you Family Review Network for introducing me and my readers to Eenamaria!