EasyWalker Duo - Lives Up to Its Name

I dare say, you will notice that moms get obsessed with finding the perfect kid/baby items. We either keep searching for the best one - or we find something we love and stock up on it to absurd numbers. I think it is just instinctual. For example:
  • I have over 20 bottles of Strawberry Syrup (for milk). Why, because my kids (and husband) love it and I don't want to run out.
  • When I only had one child - I had 3 carseats. Yes. I did.
  • And right now I am the proud owner of five strollers.
In my defense, two are singles and three are doubles. I have the typical Graco that I registered for when I was first pregnant. I also have a tiny, blue, rusted umbrella stroller. My oldest sits in it during most of our walks, when hubby accompanies us, because my oldest just doesn't like the little one touching him in the double stroller.

When I found out I was pregnant with the little Juggernaut, I started seriously researching double strollers. I would go to Babies "R" Us and pull them down, open and close, see how well they fit in my car. I also borrowed a tandem Jeep from my sister, but it was a monster to steer and I knew that their would be hair pulling issues.

Here are my 3 double strollers:
1. Side-by-side Combi Sport.
CONS:No cupholders. Kids can stop the stroller by maneuvering their feet onto the front wheel lock. Sucks when crossing traffic.
PROS: Super compact and will fit in the smallest car trunks.

2. BabyTrend Jogger
Good to know: The front wheel does not swivel, so manuevering it is tough and requires muscle. This is not a con, because that's what you want in a jogging stroller.
CONS: Massive and does not fit through all door frames. Tires are aways going flat.
PROS: IPOD friendly. Plug in your IPOD and it plays music next to the kids.

3. EasyWalker Duo:
By far the BEST stroller for the two boys is the EasyWalker Duo. It features:
  • Two 12 inch, 360 degree swivelling wheels,
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Spacious shopping basket
  • Suspension/shocks
  • Seats can be easily and independently adjusted to four positions, including horizontal.

The EasyWalker Duo is 29.5 inches wide, I can fit through any standard door with it. Plus, it's light for a double stroller thanks to its strong, lightweight aluminum frame. It weighs 37 pounds with wheels, seats and suncanopy in place.

When I took it out the first time, I walked to the dry cleaners. Normally, I can't get through the door with my Baby Trend. But the EasyWalker Duo was easy to maneuver right in. And my dry cleaning fit in the basket underneath.

And I have to say it is the smoothest ride ... ever. I thought maybe it had to do with the wheels, but my husband said it is the suspension/shocks that make it smooth. You can see the huge rubber coils in the back that make the ride completely .... smoooooth. It has to be my favorite perk of owning the EasyWalker Duo.

My husband loves the adjustable handlebar, though. Which means both he and I are comfortable in pushing the stroller - even though I am 5'6" and he is 5'11". He hates pushing the little umbrella stroller because it's too low for him. But this one is perfect for both of us!

I also love how the wide footrest keeps my babies from kicking the front wheel brakes on when crossing the street - something they have done in the Combi and scared the stuffing out of me. And the little divider keeps them from being on top of each other - so no arguing during walks about the little one touching the bigger one.

You can see the boys riding before and after in this video - and you can also see how easy it is to open and fold.

Now, EasyWalker also makes researching the right stroller for you super easy. Their web site shows dimensions, measurements, instructions for use and VIDEOS.

What really gets me about the EasyWalker is how it can conform to fit your lifestyle and needs. You can use it like I do with the boys, or you can fit in a buggy or carrycots for the littlest of riders.

The Mom Buzz is not the only one who loves the EasyWalker Duo - it has been nominated as the BEST Baby & Infant Product in 2007. So, if you are on the search for a double side-by-side stroller, definitely check out the EasyWalker Duo.