Easter Ideas: Think Outside the Basket

Easter is coming! I started seeing Easter sweets and products back in February! Right after Valentine's Day. Now, it's easy to fall into the sweets trap when filling an Easter Basket. Even I buy those little M&M Characters for my kids. But, I just wanted to remind you of some alternatives items to fill your children's Easter Baskets!

1. Educational Items: I am buying my oldest a Leapster game for his handheld Leapster. Educational and fun!

2. DVDs: I started this tradition when it was just my hubby and I. He is usually on a bodybuilding diet, so I buy him kid-friendly DVDs.

3. Beach Toys: This is a favorite of mine! I buy shovels, pails and other beach items. The kids love it and it gets a lot of use!

4. Bubbles: Who doesn't love bubbles?

5. Play Doh: Need I say more? Or you can try Moon Sand, too.

6. Mr. Potato Head: Don't forget to add a Spud Bunny to your Easter List! Hours, Days, Weeks, Months of Fun! You can never have too many Mr. Potato Heads!

7. Zygopsyche: She has the cutest selection of bunnies and guinea pigs to fill an Easter Basket with!

8. Woobits: They aren't really rabbits, but they highly resemble them with those long ears! You can see a review on them here at the Mom Buzz. They come in a lot of different colors, and are made of soft fleece and printed cotton fabric for the ears, bottom and pocket. Plus, you can pose the ears anyway you like. The best part, these custom creations are only $5.00 a hop.

9. Books: Why not throw some books into the Easter Basket. Coco and Gossie are some of my baby and toddler-friendly favorites. My children LOVE them. I am sure yours will too. Coco is about a little wire chick and the Gossie series are about quirky Geese.

Those are just some of my ideas and top choices! What is the Easter Bunny bringing to your home?