Dinosaur Playground on my Wall

When I was pregnant with my oldest, we had it all planned out. My family painted the walls a gorgeous blue and we put up Finding Nemo "wallies". It was super easy, fun and I loved the look. The stickiness of the "wallies" wasn't ideal everywhere in the room and for some reason 2 of the largest stickers ended up peeling off. The rest are staying up, though.

When my second son was brewing in my belly, I knew I wanted his room a vibrant green. But I couldn't find "wallies" that fit. So the poor kid, his room had blank, green walls for 14 months. And then our lack of inspiration was solved by Bright Star Kids. They specialize in wall graphics. Plus, they are from Australia. So that just makes them extra cool.

I ordered the Dinosaur Playground. They arrived in a protective large cardboard envelope, so they were in pristine condition when they arrived. There were colorful stickers of bones, dino footprints and a few dinosaurs. I think they are two brontosauruses, a triceratops, T-Rex, two pteradactysl and two stegasauruses. They complemented his green walls PERFECTLY. These wall graphics were stickier and heavier than the Nemo wallies I was familiar with. But I was still able to peel them off and rearrange them until I had it perfect.

The best part is you can use these wall graphics to decorate any smooth surface, such as painted walls, windows and furniture. I bet you can use them on sliding glass doors so that people don't bump into them. Hey, it happens. And Bright Star Kids has so many different designs to choose from, it's easy to create a space that is unique to you and your child.

Need inspiration? Check out the Bright Star Kids' Photo Gallery where you'll see other real life photos plus testimonials.

Bright Star Kids designs and manufactures all of the Wall Graphics on their premises in Australia. Every single product that we produce is made from the best quality removable vinyl that is available. Plus they have incredibly strict quality control standards that all of their products have to pass before they're allowed to go to customers. This ensures that our little one's room will stay looking amazing for years.

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