DaBib is Da Bomb.

Still on the search for the perfect bib? Well, I was just introduced to a wicked cool bib called DaBib. One of their taglines is:

DaBiggest, DaBest, DaBib.

But I think they forgot to say they were "DaBomb". Pretty much, they are really cool!

Of course they were designed by a mom. That's the only way you can get a design you can really appreciate! There are two bibs you can choose from - DaGiggles and DaHugs. DaHugs are cute, coming in solid and print options. DaHugs have a micro fiber terry front and waterproof backing. The DaGiggles, what my boys have, have a waterproof front and a white waterproof backing. I love it!

Some features that differentiate DaGiggles from other bibs include:
  • Its "Scrunch Collar" that allows you to get a good, comfortable fit around the neck. That way liquids and pureed foods are caught and don't leak beneath the bib onto your baby's clothes.
  • You can easily wipe food off the waterproof fabric. It doesn't settle in, leak through or stain.
  • There is a food pouch that you can flip to the front to catch crumbs and drips. And when not in use, just flip it to the back again.
The design is slightly hourglass, to help it fit both babies and toddlers. So it grows with your little one! Both my 2 year old and baby can use it!

And I find it super easy to take the bib on and off, with its front Velcro closure. So I don't have to get behind my wiggly little monster to take it on and off. I can easily do it from the front.

Here is the DaGiggles DaBib in action:

Plus, the cost is great, as $12.99 for any of the DaBibs.

Overall, I highly prefer DaBibs, specifically DaGiggles, to traditional cloth diapers. And so does this little one!

And I would like to thank the Family Review Network for making this review possible!

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