Blog Buzz: Green Mama's Pad

Well. I am sure now that the regular readers of the Mom Buzz know I am obsessive. I love to plan and think about upcoming holidays. So, with St. Patrick's Day - my mind is on all things green. So what better blog to buzz about than Green Mama's Pad? Now let's chat with Marianna!

1. What's your blog about?
"My blog is dedicated to going green! I share helpful going green tips and review eco-friendly products in hopes that I can help others live a more green life. And of course there is a little bit of my crazy life mixed in. I started my blog because I know how overwhelming it can be to start down a green path and if I can just help a few people do it, then I'm happy."

2. Tell us about your family!
"I live in a house of men. I'll be married to my husband 6 years in May, we've been together a total of 10. We have 3 beautiful yet wild boys who keep me on my toes! William just turned 4 and twins Luke & Joshua will be 2 in May. I would really love to have a girl someday, but the thought of 4 kids scares me."

3. Favorite post from your blog?

5. What's one piece advice you'd give the bloggers who read this?
"If you've been thinking about starting a blog, but are hesitant, just do it! I wanted to do it for months, but kept procrastinating until someone gave me a little nudge (thanks Sarah!). I'm still fairly new to the blogosphere, but it has been a blast. And all the mom bloggers out there are wonderful, you can ask anyone for help and they'll be happy to assist you."

6. What's a must-read blog - besides your own!
"Wow, that's a tough question. There are so many great ones out there! Since I have to choose one, I'll have to say Ohana Mama. Sarah has a great blog over there and she is just an awesome lady and mama."

Marianna has wonderful tips, like how to stop getting the WASTEFUL yellow pages! (That's my favorite tip!) And if you know of a green give-away, add it to her Mr. Linky on Friday! Don't miss a green tweet, follow Marianna at Green Mama's Pad on Twitter - and tell her you saw her on the Mom Buzz!