Atkins: More than Bacon-n-Eggs

I remember YEARS ago when Atkins was the trendy diet to be on. I would hear about people just eating MEAT. And I thought, is that healthy? But you would hear about the great success rate in losing weight.

Well, years later Atkins has evolved to be more than a bacon-n-eggs diet, meeting the nutritional needs of everyone - including moms on the run.

Every Thursday I walk down the grocery aisles and pass the snack and meal bars. I used to find them super convenient when I worked outside the home, during meetings and conventions and when I was pregnant. Now, as a SAHM, I am more in control of my eating schedule. But every now and then I do get caught with limited choices or opportunities to sit and eat. And that's when I discovered Atkins does have something to offer me. Nutritious Advantage Bars for a quick pick-me-up and Endulge Bars so I can snack guilt-free.

Just the other morning, as I was running out the door for a Play Date, I grabbed a Marshmallow Mudslide Bar. It was crisp with a yummy chocolate flavor and little marshmallow bits. It had 210 calories. And it kept me satisfied until lunch time! For a snack that day I had Atkins Endulge Peanut Butter Cups. They don't taste like Reese's which have a heavy Peanut Buttery taste. Instead, these have a great CHOCOLATE taste accentuated by the Peanut Butter.They were super yummy and a great treat!

The following morning I tried the Chocolate Chip Granola Bar. It was bigger than a traditional granola bar, a lot more satisfying to eat and really satisfied me until lunch. And for a snack that day I had the Endulge Caramel Nut Chew Bar. I would say the Caramel But Chew Bar reminded me of a Snickers...but yummier! I was curious about the difference in calories, so I looked it up. One regular Snickers bar has 280 calories and 35 grams of carbs. The Endulge Caramel Nut Chew Bar has 130 calories and 17 grams of carbs. Interesting!

The next day I was Atkins free. I was able to eat and snack at home, unrushed. But the following day I had a S'mores Advantage Bar as a pick-me-up in the afternoon. I swear, it shoul be renamed an Endulge Bar becuase it was such a sweet treat!

Finally, the last bar I had to try was the Caramel Chocolate Peanut Nougat Bar. YUM! I think that was the best of all the ones I had to try. It was a great pick-me-up to get me through my day chasing toddlers!

These Advantage Bars and Endulge bars were just so yummy. But I have to say, I found myself reading the back of the bars a lot for nutritional info and would see that you could eat certain bars during different phases of the Atkins Diet, which I am not officially on. I am just a mom on-the-run who wants to make smart choices, even if I am in a rush. But, if you are interested in losing weight as part of a healthy diet, learn more about the Atkins Diet and their Bars, Shakes and Snacks. Some options include:
  • Strawberry Shake
  • Vanilla Shake
  • Dark Chocolate Shake
  • Milk Chocolate Shake
  • Marshmellow Mudslide Bars
  • Chocolate Peanut Bar
  • Carmel Chocolate Peanut Nougat Bar
  • Chocolate Chip Granola Bar
  • Peanut Butter Granola Bar
  • Peanut Fudge Granola Bar
  • S'mores Bar
  • Carmel Nut Chew
  • Peanut Butter Cups
Now, if you are just grabbing a bar on the run, that's great. But if you want to make these bars (and shakes) part of a healthy diet, you will learn what the phases are and how they can help you recreate your body for summer - heck, for the whole year! The four phases include kick-starting your metabolism, ongoing weight loss, pre-maintenance and lifetime maintenance.

So, are craving Atkins and a new body? Would you like to try some Atkins products for yourself?

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