Are you a Frecklebox customer? Win $100 of Merchandise!

Have you bought something from Frecklebox? Well, Frecklebox wants your photos to personalize their website!

They are looking for pictures of your kids using and enjoying their Frecklebox storybooks, coloring books, stickers, growth charts, placemats and journals. If they choose to use the photos you send them, not only will you have the joy of seeing your kids made famous on their website, they'll also give you $100 of free Frecklebox stuff!

To submit your photos, simply send your photos to

But hurry, the promotion ends Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

And remember - you can still enter to win a Free Frecklebox item here on the Mom Buzz! Enter here: Frecklebox Contest. The Mom Buzz Frecklebox contest ends April 5th!