Anyone Can Boil Water - Panasonic Thermo Pot - CONTEST

So I recently brought home an Electric Thermo Pot from Panasonic. According to Susan at Life in a House of Blue it is a must-have item for trips away from home. You know, when you don't have access to your usual conveniences - a microwave, coffee maker or stove - the Thermo Pot still allows you to recharge with caffeine, relax with tea and make some quick meals for breakfast and lunch. It's also great for making warm bottles for baby!

Plus, I learned that not everyone can boil water. Just think of all those times you started boiling water on the stove, forgot about it because you got distracted by your children/phone/cleaning and it either spilled boiling water all over your stove OR it boiled all the water right out. Or maybe you heated water in the microwave, once again got distracted, and by the time you remember you have a cup of cold water sitting in the microwave.

So needless to say, I was VERY intrigued at how the ThermoPot can save my sanity. So when I opened my specific model, a NC-HU401P, I decided to put it to work before taking it on the road. This is what I discovered.

The NC-HU401P holds 4 Liters of water. It has an Energy Saving Timer, 4 Speed Dispenser, Non-stick Interior, Charcoal Filter, Maintains Warm Water, Protects itself from over-heating, it has a water level indicator and a 360 rotating body.

Basics: To open the lid was easy. Just depress the opening in the middle of the lid and lift the lid. There is a mesh filter on the bottom of the Thermo Pot that is held in place by magnets. So just make sure it is there. There is a minimum water mark on the pot. Make sure it never gets below that amount.

Be Sure to Clean: Clean the pot before its first use! You do this simply by letting it boil water. Dispense half of it, then empty the container.

Boil Water: Add water using a different container. Attach the plug to the Thermo Pot and the wall. It will boil to 208 degrees F and then maintain it at that temperature. You can push the reboil/long boil button to reduce chlorine.

Dispense: Push the lock/unlock button. Then press the dispense button. When you are done dispensing hot water, the Thermo Pot will automatically lock again within ten seconds. But you can lock it even sooner by pushing the lock/unlock button.

Reboil: You can reboil water that is being kept warm. This shortens the overall boiling time. The time needed to reboil differs depending on the Keep Warm Temperature you were using - 180, 190 or 208 degrees F.

You can choose a temperature, which helps you make the best drinks and/or meals. Your coffee will not be too hot. Your instant noodles will not be too crunchy.

The economy timer lets you save energy. Select 6 - 10 hours, depending on how long you will be asleep or away from the house. When the timer is started, it will drop the temperature t0 140. Of course, you would save more energy overall to unplug the unit completely. It just depends how fast you want your water to boil. But remember your carbon footprint!


1. French Press Coffee
"Coffee fanatics and connoisseurs maintain that French Press coffee is the best way to experience the daily grind."
You can learn how to make French Press Coffee at But, in short you need to pour boiling water into the French Press and then depress a plunger on the contraption. The water, according to Lura, will be around 212 degrees Fahrenheit when you do this.

2. Loose Tea
Using a tea filter with a lid, like this one from Persnicketea, is a great way to brew your loose tea. The lid keeps your tea warm while steeping. Then, turned upside down, acts as a drip catcher to set the filter on. But one thing you definitely need to make your tea, is boiled water. Normally I would heat up my water in the microwave. But, the Electric Thermo Pot is perfect for the job. It allows me to make an awesome cup of tea anytime. And it allows my Microwave to do what it was REALLY intended to do - make meals!

3. Instant Meals

Instant soup and instant breakfast is easy with Thermo Pot. That's what makes the Thermo Pot perfect for traveling or in an office. You know how a watched pot never boils. Well, you can have the water maintain its warmth in the ThermoPot - and then just reboil it quickly when needed.

Are you too rushed in the morning to eat a warm breakfast? Or do you get swamped in the office and skip lunch? The Thermo Pot allows you to have a quick, easy meal and take care of yourself.

When you are on the go and staying in a hotel or room without our day-to-day conveniences - the Thermo Pot makes things a little easier and more economical. Instead of buying overpriced breakfast while on vacation, you can add hot water to instant meals. And the same for lunch. It's also great when traveling with a baby who needs warm bottles.

Cleaning is a breeze. Simply wipe the inner container with a sponge - no detergents. And clean the mesh filter with a brush. To minimize and remove mineral build-up, clean the container with citric acid every 2 -3 months.

I think the ThermoPot rocks for tea lovers, coffee fanatics, warm bottles for babies and traveling. My husband has been using it in the morning to eat his instant oatmeal. And I use it throughout the day for my tea! Plus, my Thermo Pot (NC-HU401P) will be going with us whenever we stay at a hotel. That's coming up soon - as my husband will be in a body building competition away from home in July!

Are you a tea or coffee lover? Do you have a baby that only takes warm bottles? Or maybe you are planning a vacation? You will LOVE the NC-HU401P Thermo Pot. And you can win won, courtesy of Panasonic and the Mom Buzz!

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