Veggie Tales: Abe and the Amazing Promise

I heard about the Veggie Tales cartoon pre-kids. But, a cartoon with talking veggies didn't call to me when I was in my early twenties. But now that I have kids, it's a whole NEW story.

Why? Well, do you know what my oldest said the other day when he was playing with his toys? Two of the figures were talking back-and-forth forth and one of them called the other "Stupid-Head".

Huh? Wha? Where did he hear that word.... :slap forehead: They say that a few times in Lilo & Stitch!Lilo & Stitch. An "innocent" movie about space creatures preaching family values... and he picked up "Stupid-Head".

Well, there is NO STUPID-HEAD in Veggie Tales, I promise you that. And the little tomato, Asparagus, Cucumber and other veggie characters are cute and full of character!

The DVD I had to review, thanks to the Family Review Network, was Abe and the Amazing Promise. The DVD had two stories about "patience" and one goofy song about sneezing. The main story is about Abraham and how God promised him and his wife a child. Bob the Tomato is filming the story and doing an interview with Abraham, his wife and his cousin. They were already OLD. But it took 15 years for God to fulfill his promise of a child. While Bob is filming the story, his little Asparagus friend is completely impatient because he wants cookies, which he will get at the end of the show. :chuckle: So he keeps trying to speed up the story. But by the end the Aspargus learns about patience and the cookies can wait.

Now, the goofy song is just fun and catchy. It's called Sneeze if You Need To. During the song you learn fun sneezing facts, like how 25 percent of the population sneeze when they walk into a bright light.

Finally, the last story is Blunders in Boo-Booville. The town is trying to bring back the boo-boo birds. There are a lot of inventors involved, but all of them don't take time to bring their plans into fruition so the results are AWFUL. Even Larry the Cucumber almost seriously injures his friend! But when he meets up with a mysterious vegetable who teaches him the patience needed by growing a seed, he finally discovers that rushing through plans is not the way to invent! Instead he takes time to plan and build and brings the boo-boo birds back!

Do you think this review is never going to end? Then you need Veggie Tales: Abe and the Amazing Promise. You will see good things come to those that wait!

Veggie Tales: Abe & the Amazing Promise is 53 minutes long and is available from Big Idea. This DVD is available in stores everywhere on February 10th. Thank you Family Review Network for allowing me to review this wonderful, kid-friendly DVD!