Spread Heads: Put the "Ewww" in Kewwwl!

Okay. As a mom of two boys I better get used to this kind of stuff! Fart jokes, flicked boogers and stuff that makes me say Ewwww. But boys (and little girls) love it!

Introducing "Spread Heads". I like to say it puts the "ewww" in Kewwwl (Cool). Haha! Get it?

Honestly, when I first was introduced to Spread Heads even I giggled after my initial Ewww! What is a Spread Head? Well, it is a plastic human head that you put on top of a traditional ketchup or mustard bottle. There is Ketchup Charlie, who is all yellow. And Mustard Marvin who is green. When you replace the top with these Spread Heads, they either spit the mustard (Mustard Marvin) or snot/sneeze/boogie the ketchup (Ketchup Charlie) onto your food.

My husband thought they were super cool! Me, I am COMPLETELY excited to be using them at my son's birthday party. I think it will completely make everyone squeal and laugh at his barbecue. And I am talking kids from ages 2 to 102 will totally get a kick out of this! Check out this video to see how Marvin and Charlie will add funk to your food!

What I love most is that the hard plastic heads are really easy to clean. My oldest and husband just love the gross factor. I am going to say that I think this is a wonderful gag gift for Father's Day! Seriously! My dad would think this is a hoot! And it would also be a funny addition to an Easter Basket, which is right around the corner. And bring it out alongside the relish and sauerkraut with the upcoming summer barbecues. And end the year strong with a Mustard Marvin or Ketchup Charlie in a stocking for a naughty or nice friend or relative!

It's a great price, only $4.49 on the website for the Spread Head of your choice. You can also find them in the soda,milk, mayonnaise or jelly aisle of some supermarkets! (Publix, get with the program!)

Marvin and Charlie want to join you for dinner!! You can win a set of Spread Heads, both Mustard Marvin and Ketchup Charlie! Honestly, how cool! Your kids would LOVE IT! Your husband will LOVE IT! Your Dad will LOVE IT!

If you win, just TRY to resist showing your kids how cool you can be by making patties that night and showing off these snotty, upchucking dinner guests! Or, if you do save them, give them to loved ones for Easter or Father's Day! Both holidays are FAST approaching!

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