Skuut and Ride: Contest

It can be SO HARD choosing the perfect toys, apparel and accessories for moms and their children. That's why Susan (Life in a House of Blue) and I started PlayDate Picks (PDP). It is a consensus of 7 moms who post about their top picks from their own sites. PLUS, we get together and find the best of the best to promote.

That's how we found Skuut. It is an Eco-Friendly beginner bike with no training wheels or pedals. Your child sits, scoots and glides. And the goal is that they will be able to transition to a bike without ever using steering wheels! You can even see Samantha's little boy Skuut to his heart's delight at As They Grow Up!

The bike is easy to assemble, well-made, durable and gorgeous. It was made for kids ages 2 to 5. And all of you have an opportunity to WIN one. But, I am making you go to my other site - PlayDate Picks to post your entry.

Your chance to win a Skuut for a child you love is a mouse-click away!

HOST: Erin at PlayDate Picks
Sponsor: Skuut