SafetyCaps: Safer Covers for Electrical Sockets

One thing that always amazed me about the electrical socket covers was how unsafe they are. Yes, you need to do SOMETHING to cover the sockets. But I know my toddlers are not the only ones who can easily pluck them out. I remember my oldest doing that at the pediatrician's office, when my hands were full with his brother, and he handed the socket cover to the pediatrician. Ha!

Now the worst thing my oldest would do it pluck the covers off and either drop them or bring them to someone. My little one is a mouthy baby. He likes to stick EVERYTHING in his mouth. So it got to the point I preferred not covering the sockets, because it was a choking hazard.

In fact, that's what led to the invention of SafetyCaps. George's daughter put one in her mouth and choked on it. So he developed outlet covers that are wider and with air holes! You can read the recommendations for SafetyCaps here: Recommendation.

And right now, if you buy 3 packs of Safety Plugs, you get one for free! They are only $3.29 for a pack of 12.

Funny enough, my kids have still not plucked the new SafetyCaps off the wall. Possibly because they are more translucent then the normal outlet covers. But I am satisfied in knowing that if my little one does try to stick it in his mouth, the longer width would make it a challenge. And the air holes could possibly save his life.

If you would like to purchase your SafetyCaps, simply go to their website: SafetyCaps Official Site.

One luck Buzz reader can make their home a safer place for their child. The winner will receive 24 outlet covers. But you can increase the amount you win...
If you order between now and March 3rd, you will get 96 caps. That's enough to cover your house, grandma's, daycare and more!

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