Rembrant Challenge for Valentine's?

When I was dating, my "courters" often complimented my beautiful teeth. So straight, so white.

God knows what pregnancy did to them. The bottom teeth shifted slightly when I was pregnant. And somehow they became easier to stain with my much-loved coffee.

So, I've tried some whitening strips and they seemed to work. But the stains piled on quickly again. So now I am trying something new, so I can flash my number #1 courter (my hubby) a brilliant smile on Valentine's Day.

I have a whole arsenal of Rembrant Tooth Whitening "agents" to try and see if my teeth are pearly white in 5 days. (I am going on my date on Friday). And I encourage everyone else to pick up Rembrandt and try too!

Here are my "weapons" against stains that I am currently using:

Rembrandt Intense Stain Whitening Mint Toothpaste with Fluoride
This toothpaste has micro-polishing particles, stain fighting ingredients and namel-restoring fluoride to give you a healthy smile. Plus, it tastes so minty fresh and made my teeth so CLEAN. I know, that's the point of toothpaste. But it really felt like my teeth were polished by the dentist! This formula is supposed to effectively remove DEEP stains from coffee and wine. (Costs $7.99)

Rembrandt Whitening Strips, Mint
This is a once daily treatment applied for 30 minutes a day. The strips conform to the shape of your teeth and will stay in place with FORMFIT Technology. It is formulated with peroxide to start working IMMEDIATELY. (Costs $24.99)

I also have a Rembrandt Whitening Touch-up Pen to use the day of the date. The gel peroxide starts working on contact, to clean your tooth on the go. And I can easily keep this in my Coach bag!

I'll keep everyone updated on how my teeth are whitening and how the products work. I just wanted to invite y'all to join me on this teeth whitening journey. I figure white teeth might also make me look a few years younger. Worth a shot, right???

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