Piggy Paint: Natural Nail Polish for Girls - CONTEST

When my husband and I were newlyweds, we bought a new coffee table for the living room. One day I was painting my nails and some nail polish dripped on it. I wasn't too concerned. I cleaned it up, but it had peeled and damaged the table where it fell. Wow. Kind of toxic, eh?

And I remember as a teenager, when my sister and I painted our nails my dad would complain about the smell of the polish and remover. He couldn't stand to be in the same room with the smell!

Now, put two and two together and you wonder why women expose themselves to these products. And even more worrisome, the little girls we love. Because I am sure many of us have painted our daughters, granddaughters or niece's nails with these same products that "melt" tables and make our fathers/husbands sick.

Introducing PIGGY PAINT! It's non-toxic, odorless and kid-friendly. It is made using a mixture of water and other natural ingredients, completely safe for little piggies!

When I first got "Girls Rule", or as my niece called it, "pink", I opened it and took a whiff. No smell! Nothing noxious about it at all! So, next I tried the polish remover. Once again, no scent! No one even noticed as I painted my niece's nails!

And even though it is made with water and natural ingredients, it only took ONE COAT to paint them! The color was bright and beautiful, just like my niece. And it dried quickly too.

There are 13 colors to choose from at Piggy Paint, along with nail polish remover and gift packs. How fun would this be as a birthday present, tucked in an Easter Basket or for sleepovers!

Now Piggy Paint is giving one Buzz reader a chance to win any of the gift packs, ensure a little girl you love receives their favorite colors! This is a $27 value!

MANDATORY, FIRST ENTRY: Visit Piggy Paint and tell me your favorite color - other than Girls Rule!!

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