Nursing Covers by Sweet Wee Bairn

After I had my oldest, there were a few instances where I had to breastfeed in public or in front of family and friends. Although I tried to be confident, it was definitely hard! Even after childbirth, some modesty hung on. And a blanket over my shoulder just didn't seem stable. Something gorgeous (yet practical) like the Sweet Wee Bairn nursing covers would have been perfect for me.

Sweet Wee Bairn offers boutique-style nursing covers made of designer cotton fabrics. They are large enough to cover both you and your baby, measuring 24 x 34 inches. Plus, unlike a (stifling) blanket where you can no longer gaze at the baby, the rigid neckline of the Sweet Wee Bairn nursing covers allows you to maintain eye contact and provides ventilation during feeding. The neckstrap is both adjustable and removable, for maximum comfort and use. Plus, a huge bonus, Sweet Wee Bairn offers a matching carrying bag/ diaper clutch to store your nursing cover or carry diapers and wipes.

If you are planning on breastfeeding or have a friend who is planning on breastfeeding, the nursing cover provides confidence from the start. You will want it from day one when everyone is stopping by to visit, but the baby is latched on 24/7! Just imagine the freedom it will give you, at restaurants, attractions and family get-togethers!

Plus, Sweet Wee Bairn has three years experience and has sold approximately 5,000 of her nursing covers! She is an EXPERT in creating what all moms need! Not only does she sell nursing covers and diaper clutches, her shop carries pacifier clips, diaper bags, changing pads, and burp cloths!

Now, Sweet Wee Bairn is allowing one Buzz reader to take home a nursing cover with matching diaper clutch - a $38 value! To enter, you first must visit Sweet Wee Bairn, choose your favorite style/pattern, then come back here and let me know in a comment.


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