Live Contest: Medibuddy

Medibuddy went unclaimed. Live contest to win it so I can send the info to the sponsor.

Rules: You can not comment 2x in a row. You have to use complete sentences. You have to talk about Medibuddy. No "enter me" comments. I like to read these.

Mandatory First Entry: Enter the Spread Head contest. Then start commenting here about MediBuddy in complete sentences.

Want to talk about ANYTHING? Enter the Storksak contest. Then you can talk about anything, as long as it is in complete sentences. And you can not comment 2x in a row...unless...

You Want to Comment Without a Break? Enter the Honestbaby contest and you can comment as many times in a row as you want. Just please in complete sentences.

So if you enter those three contests you can talk about anything, talk to yourself, publish comment after comment. You are unstoppable. Just complete sentences and no "Enter Me's".

And to win, I am choosing comment number ... 157.