Label Daddy

With two boys always in tow, I end up carrying a lot of stuff. To grandma's, to play dates, to the park ... we have spare clothes, toys, odds-and-ends - whatever I can fit into my diaper bag and totes. And when we arrive, you know we are there as we disperse the toys, get down to playtime and dig through the diaper bag and totes a lot to replace clothes and put away shoes. When playtime is over we have to pack it all up again and mommy-brain takes over.

"Uhm - does that Old Navy sweater belong to my kid or yours?"

"Did anyone accidentally pack up my kid's Leapster?"

"Why is he wearing my son's shoe? That is DEFINITELY my son's shoe! I recognize it by the scuff on the lower, right hand section in quadrant D-4."

You know, there has to be an easier way. Oh... there is an easier way! Thank you Label Daddy!

Label Daddy has cute, stylish personalized labels that are too chic to hope no one sees. And that's good, because those bright colors and noticeable graphics make it clear that the ball belongs to us, the crocs belong to us, and those hideous shorts - well those are NOT mine because I have taste there is no label on it.

When I ordered my Label Daddy labels, I chose to have both boys names printed on it. Hey, an economical choice in these hard times. I was worried it would look funny. But nope, gorgeous on bright orange, lime and red labels. And honestly, my kids share toys and clothes.

The shoe labels were orange with a peace sign. They were easy to peel and stick. And they are LAMINATED to avoid "wear and tear caused by the friction of rubbing feet". Way cool, Label Daddy!

I also received Shirt tag Labels (lime green with a fish on it), and small and medium all purpose labels. The small ones were red with a star and the medium's were orange with a sun. Once again, super easy to peel, super easy to apply and super chic so you don't mind it being there! Plus, the labels will last in the wash and are water and UV resistant!

When I got them, I did what any compulsive normal mom would do. I started labeling EVERYTHING. Shoes, sweaters, shirts, shorts, toys, dog, dad. Nothing was safe. I learned that once you labeled something, it really was labeled for good. Unapplying the label was not easy. That's excellent! Because you don't want the label to fall off when you need it most.

So, in the end I was most delighted with Label Daddy labels. And I am SO HAPPY that Label Daddy is giving me the opportunity to help other moms keep track of their kid's items.

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