ImagiPlay: Natural, Wooden Toys

A few months ago I was looking for toys for my little monster. Everything he played with ended up in his mouth, so I knew I needed something SAFE. Non-toxic. No small parts that break off. And not just a toy with gizmos and gadgets, but something that will help build skills. So I was immediately in-love with the products from ImagiPLAY.

ImagiPLAY creates toys that "inspire children's imaginations", allowing them to explore rather than have the toy do all the work. Plus, ImagiPLAY toys are eco-friendly! For example, we own the Pushalong Duck which is made from rubberwood. Rubberwood is considered "environmentally friendly", because it makes use of plantation trees that have already outlived their useful function. If we didn't use rubberwood, it would simply be considered waste. But ImagiPLAY's makes use of this wood to create gorgeous pushalong toys, like the duck, dog, cat and hybrid car!

The colors are bright and NON-TOXIC! Good for my little monster. And the wheels roll easily.

The pushalong toys are good for ages 1 and up. It's a perfect baby shower gift and first birthday present!

Other toys that I loved from ImagiPLAY are the fruit and veggie cutting sets, colorific Earth puzzles, and the play sets. These toys have attention-grabbing colors and gorgeous designs that appeal to parents and children. There are just so many great (SAFE) gift ideas for babies and toddlers at ImagiPLAY!