HonestBaby: Contest, Community and Cleverness

The other day I was at the mall with my boys. And person after person commented on his shirt from HonestBaby.com. It read,"I'm My Mom's Job". So true. It even opened up a conversation about whether moms are judged for leaving their careers and being a full-time mommy! Amazing, the power of a t-shirt.

Honestly, that slogan was just so true, it became comment-worthy! And HonestBaby.com has more shirts just like that! They remind me of the movie Crazy People with Dudley Moore, which is a comedy about truth in advertising. Pretty much - If you state the obvious, people pay attention.

HonestBaby is more than just funny shirts, it's a COMMUNITY! The shirts are just a super perk! The HonestBaby community reaches out through articles, bloggers, video and pictures to let you know there is no RIGHT way of raising your children. Just jump in and enjoy!

When you visit HonestBaby you can read some awesome blogs written by:

Musings of a Civil, Disobedient Mom
The Mummy Chronicles
HonestBaby Storytime
Sex and the Sippy
Bad Mommy

Currently at the HonestBaby website you can find articles about becoming a SAH parent, a FREE KIDS DAY at ComicCon, the MOMMY POLICE, organizing your finances and a movie review. Something for everyone!

The T-shirts are simple and hilarious. Some of the funny lines that you will find, in sizes 3 months to 6 years, are:
  • Working Moms Rock
  • I only Eat Carbs
  • Colicky But Cute
  • Don't Expect A Lot, I'm Big for My Age
  • Ferberizing Stinks
  • 10th Percentile But Still Growing
  • Not Sleeping Through the Night
  • I Heard Einstein was a Late Talker
  • I'll Walk When I'm Good and Ready
  • I'm Not a Performing Monkey
On the HonestBaby site you can buy awesome toys from Melissa & Doug. I know you recognize the name. Well, now preview some of the Melissa & Dog puzzles, plush and educational toys at HonestBaby.com.


You didn't think HonestBaby would have you drooling over their sassiness without giving a Buzz reader an opportunity to win a humorous tee of their own? To enter is SIMPLE. Share your most imperfect parenting moment. HonestBaby will pick the winner and post it on the stories on their site!

Contest ends February 25th. This is the only entry for this contest. Please refer to contest rules.