Happy Hour at TCBY

The Mom Buzz is not the only one with a Happy Hour every Friday. In fact, you don't have to wait until Friday to have relax, unwind and indulge – TCBY is offering daily indulgences with ½ Priced Smoothie Happy Hour! In fact, this is one Happy Hour you can enjoy as a FAMILY!

Running 7 days a week from 5-6PM at participating locations, you can end the day with a delicious TCBY real dairy yogurt and fruit smoothies.

Do you think I can pass this off as a Health Buzz? After all, yogurt gives your immune system and your body an extra boost with its seven multi-beneficial live and active cultures!

Hmmmm..do you have a TCBY near you? And what would you order? I am thinking Pink Pineapple would hit the spot!



The Mom Buzz Happy Hour: Win 4 Martini Glasses. More chances to enter every Friday!