Glade Sense & Spray: CONTEST

When I had cats, I was constantly trying to cover up that litter box smell. It was so EMBARRASSING! So we would buy the Glade Plug-Ins. I loved anything with a clean vanilla smell. But remembering to buy the refill was a little hard for absent-minded Erin. Even with a list... I just somehow bypass that little section.

Well, it seems as if Glades has come a long way from their original scented gel plug-ins. Did you know they now have something called Sense & Spray? It is motion-activated in order to conserve the "refill". So that means one less thing to include on your weekly trips!

Even though it is motion-activated, if you walk in front of it 20K times a day, it won't spray each time. Remember, it wants to CONSERVE the refill. So it will do a 30-minute lockout. After 30 minutes it lets it spray again if motion is detected. How smart! But no worries, if the dog passes gas just before a guest comes, you can still manually activate the until to spray again.

Now, I received the Clean Linen scent to try out. It is such a fresh scent! I loved it and it was a nice change from my usual vanilla. The other available scents are Apple Cinnamon, Power Fresh and Country Garden.

It was easy to put the scent canister inside the until. You just lift the front cover, snap the canister in place and find a perfect place for it. Now, I am so used to plug-ins that I was seriously staring at the back of the unit wondering where the plug openings were. Doi. But you can actually HANG this, it has a little opening on the back to put on a hook, or you can set it somewhere. I put it in my great room.

This is a great, new way to keep a house smelling FRESH. Like you've been cleaning all day! You can find Glade Sense & Spray at many food and drug stores, like Target. And it costs $8.99 for the starter kit and $3.49 for refills. The refills last around 30 days.

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Would you like the opportunity to WIN your own Glades Sense & Spray Starter Kit?
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Contest Ends February 24th. Please refer to complete contest rules.

This post was written for Family Review Network as part of a program by SC Johnson, who also supplied the product for review and giveaway.